About the project

Professional and amateur craftsmen have limited opportunities to learn from peers from other European countries and share experiences. This is mainly due to income constraints or poor knowledge of foreign languages, English in particular. Giving them a chance to learn from their peers in other European countries would allow them to increase the offer and the quality of their production. At the same time, being in contact with foreigners would allow them to learn about other languages and cultures.  
To answer to the above mentioned need the main purposes of the project are:
- to allow the participants to acquire a basic communicative competence in English
- to endorse intercultural learning by promoting awareness of cultural diversity, in particular in the field of handcrafts
- to allow the participants to acquire further skills/techniques in handcrafts
- to share good practices at European level stimulating the development of new strategies/methodologies in the field of handcrafts
- to create effective didactic materials developed and based on the experience gathered in the project.
The partnership will organize 5 meetings during which the participants will familiarize with traditional handcrafts techniques from the countries involved in the project and will able to use and improve their English (they will attend a course of English at the beginning of the project). Before every meeting, participants will be informed about the culture and handcrafts of the country they are going to visit. During the last meeting in Istanbul a conference will be held to present the project results, including a compendium of the teachings gained and artifact produced by the participants basing on the new plastic skills acquired during the project.


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