A.E.P.A. Casar de Cáceres is a small adult school situated in a rural area next to the city of Cáceres (located in the South-West of Spain, in Extremadura). We offer a formal education programme and at the same time we also offer non-formal education programmes. Between all of them, Teaching Foreign Languages to Spanish Speaking People Programme, whose name is "English Workshop" helps our students to communicate in another language giving them the opportunity of opening their working zone and mind because they learn not only the language but also the culture, songs, handcrafts, recipes, etc. Hence, our organisation deals with people with a high risk of exclusion from the job market what implies other types of exclusions such as social, what in turn implies in them a low level of self-esteem.

Instytut dla Zjednoczonej Europy

Instytut dla Zjednoczonej Europy (Institute for United Europe) is a non-profit organization whose main objects are both national and European. At national level it aims at initiating and organizing actions for equal opportunities for development especially between regions, social groups, especially between rural and urban youth, and equalizing opportunities for the development of disabled people. On the other hand it support activities aimed at developing cooperation between the groups, organizations and local communities from different European Union countries in order to to facilitate the integration process.



Kadiköy Halk Eğitim Merkezi is a fundamental organization, funded by the government which gives courses for adults in many branches in order to help them to get a profession or trains them towards their interests. It also has the important role to keep alive the traditional handcrafts because trainers and teachers working there transfer their knowledge and experiences to the next generation. Even if it is located in one of the developed districts of Istanbul, we need to deal with poverty and immigration from towns to city. Because of that, our target group consists of unemployed, people who cannot read or write, people who want to change their job and need more qualification as well as people who want to pass their time well. We also give education to people who left the formal education or people who are legally restricted.


Občianske združenie MOHYLA

Citizens’ association MOHYLA is located in Stropkov in the northeast of Slovakia. Our region is quite far from industrial and cultural centres and it is disadvantaged by its location and high rate of unemployment. It is a region, where Slovak population is mixed with minorities of Ruthenians and Roma people, infrastructure is insufficient and there are no railways.
MOHYLA is an association of Stropkov citizens, which consists from a group of volunteers. We support educational activities for youth and adults in cultural and educational programmes in our region. We cooperate with amateur and professional craftsmen, painters, woodcarvers, needle-workers, but also with dancing, singing and theatrical groups. Our organisation helps these people to demonstrate their hobbies, activities and products on different exhibitions and competitions not only in Stropkov, but also in other Slovak regions and abroad. Focusing activities for young people are to help to find their hobbies and interests, to work in groups, to work together, to share their abilities and knowledge, to fulfil their free time and to give them something useful and interesting.

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